Courage to Serve the Lord



Please begin with prayer.


Read Acts 4: 10-13


Answer the following questions. 


In what ways did Peter and John have to face the truth?  How did they see the truth about themselves, the truth about the Gospel and the truth about others?














How did Peter and John have to find the courage to change?









How did Peter and John have to stand by what they believed?












How did Peter and John have to overcome obstacles?  Was this easy for them?














How did Peter and John have to step out and take a risk?  How do you think that this benefited them?
















How did the people respond to the boldness of Peter and John?















Now think about how this passage relates to you by answering the following questions.


Is it easy for you to see the truth about yourself and your relationship with God? Why or why not?








Is it easy for you to change once you see the truth?  What things help you make the needed changes?










Is it easy for you express your faith?  What holds you back from really expressing your faith on a day to day basis?






















As Christians, we are called to impact the world for Jesus.  What are the largest concerns that you regarding your ability to be effective in ministry.  Next to each concern,  write what Jesus would tell you if he was speaking audibly to you. You may quote scriptures which is the same as the Lord speaking directly to you.













Memorize the following Scripture for next week:


"Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid of them! The Lord your God will go out ahead of you. He will never fail you nor forsake you."  Deuteronomy 31.6










On a seperate sheet of paper, write your personal testimony.  A testimony is how you came to know the Lord.  It is also an expression of God's relationship and faithfulness to you in your life.  This is a very important aspect of this Bible Study.  If one can see God's hand at work in their life, then that person faith grows.  Remember that the Lord is always faithful to His children!



Written by John R. Wallace, Jr., Senior Administrator of Calvary Christian School,  for the 2005 Calvary Impact Mission Program