Purpose and Priorities in Serving the Lord


Please begin with prayer.


Read Acts 4: 5:1-42


Answer the following questions.  


Why do you think that the Lord allowed Ananias and Sapphira to die after they lied about the land transaction?  What was the Lord allowing to happen in the early church?  (Verses 1-11)

















What was the result of the unity shown in the early church (Acts 4:32-36) and the integrity shown by the early church (Act 5: 1-11)?  (Verses 12-16)














How did the early church respond to opposition?  What did the Holy Spirit tell them to do once they were released from the prison? (Verses 17-28)















What did the early Christians have to remember about their priorities in the Christian life?  (Verses 29-32)














How did apostles respond to the trial and adversity that they had to go through during this time of persecution? (Verse 41)














How do we know that the apostles had deep conviction about their work in the ministry? (verse 42)










Now answer these personal questions after a time of prayer.



What areas in your life related to purity and integrity before God and men do you believe the Lord needs to help you change?












When God shows you His power in your life to overcome these weaknesses, are you going to be willing to express how God has changed you?  Why or why not?

















When God makes His power in your life obvious to others, how do you think this will help their faith?













Honestly list the top five priorities in your life.  Do not put what you think they should be, but what they are now.  Once you have done this, write what you think that God's top five priorities are for your life.



My Top Five













The Lord's Top Five














Why do you think there is a difference in your Top Five and the Lord's Top Five?










What do you think that you need to do to allow God to change these priorities at a real, heart and faith level?












List three things you can do to become open to allowing the Lord to do His work in your life to help reshape your priorities.






















Now pray and then verbally praise and thank Go for His faithfulness.  The Lord is true to His Word.  If you diligently seek Him, you will find Him.  How does trusting God with your prayer and your praise move you closer to the Lord?














While the Lord is working on us, He still expects us to be a testimony for Him.  Are you able to allow the Lord to work on you, as you live your life a testimony for Him?  Can you persevere in your ministry as God molds you?  How?  Why?  Why not?  Where does your strength come from?















Close in prayer.  Rejoice in what God is doing in your life!




Memory Verse for the week!



            "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Philippians 4:13



Written by John R. Wallace, Jr., Senior Administrator of Calvary Christian School,  for the 2005 Calvary Impact Mission Program