Please begin with prayer. 


Read Luke 4:1-13


Temptation is something that we all face.  In fact, one of the positive signs of a growing Christian occurs when temptation is recognized and then overcome by the believer.  Sometimes it is easy to think that we are the only one facing temptation, but Scripture shows that even Jesus faced temptation.  The Bible tells us that every type of temptation that we face was also faced by Jesus.


Answer the following questions.  


There were three temptations with which the devil prompted Jesus.  What was the first question that was asked of Jesus?  (Luke 4:3)







What was the area of or type of Jesus' needs that Satan wanted to use to cause Him to sin? 








If Jesus had done as Satan asked, what would the sin have been?  Against whom would Jesus have sinned?










What was Jesus reply to the first temptation?  Where did the reply come from?

What did it mean? (Luke 4:4)








What was the second temptation that was placed before Christ?  (Luke 4:6-7)










What area of Jesus needs was Satan using to temp Jesus?








If Jesus had done what Satan asked, against whom would He have sinned?  Why?







What was Jesus reply to Satan about the second temptation?  What did the reply mean? Where did the response come from?  Luke (4:8)










The third and final temptation is found in Luke 4: 9-10).  What was the temptation placed before Jesus?








What area of Jesus' needs was Satan using to tempt Christ?








What was Jesus reply?  What did it mean, and where did it come from?








If Jesus had done as He was asked, what would the sin have been against His Father?







Now let's make this personal.



Of the three types of temptations that Satan placed before Jesus (physical needs, selfish personal needs and power), what is your greatest area of weakness?  Why?








What specific temptations do you have the hardest time dealing with on a day to day or even an occasional basis? Please list five.















Because Jesus quoted Scripture to Satan to help overcome the temptations, this pattern should be used to help us over come our temptations.  Next to each temptation above, please find a Scripture that you can use to defeat Satan as He tempts you.  Write that passage next to your temptations above.




What other ways can we use to overcome temptation? 







When we fail to overcome temptation, what should we do?








One final question:  Why do you think Satan tempts you in the ways he does?








Memory Verse for the week!



""The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart

 and a good conscience and a sincere faith."

1 Timothy 1:5 NAS




Remember: We go in love and in the name of the Lord!




Prepared by John R. Wallace, Jr., for the 2005 Calvary's Impact Mission Program.