The Heart of a Servant- The Jesus Example


Please begin with prayer.


Answer the following questions. 


Read John 13: 1-17  The Washing of the Feet


John 13:1a- Can you tell from this verse when this passage took place?




From what you can remember about Scripture, Write down some times when the disciples failed in their ministry while they were with Jesus.





Please read Luke 22:24- What where the disciples doing as they were there in the room waiting for Jesus (before he came and washed their feet?)  What weakness does this show in His disciples?






John 13:1b- It says at the end of this verse that, "He loved them to the end." Considering that Jesus knew His disciples well- there past faltering, present weaknesses and even their future failures, what does this verse say about Jesus love for His disciples.








Please write down some times that you have failed the Lord.  Also write down some of your present weaknesses. 











Knowing that Jesus loves you in spite of these things, what would you say to Him if you could see Him face to face?













From Luke 22:24 that you read above, please explain how the disciples were seated in the Upper Room. 








John 13:2-3 In these verses we see that Satan does a work in Judas's heart to cause him to betray Jesus.  What weakness did Judas have that allowed Satan to use him?








What are the weaknesses that you have that Satan can exploit?  Be honest- this is a heard one, but one that you should consider in order to allow the Lord to work and strengthen you in that area.










John 13:4 Think and pray on these words from this passage:


  • Supper- Jesus left a heavenly banquet with the Father and Spirit to

Come to earth to save us. (Philippians 2:7-8)

  • Garments- Jesus laid aside His heavenly, glorious garments to come and take on earthly garments. This is the Jesus that washed the disciples' feet.
  • Towel- The word used indicates a fine linen towel. One that represents righteousness. Imagine the perfect and righteous Jesus humbly washing His disciples' feet.


With these things in mind, what do you think about Jesus washing His disciples' feet?












John 13:5 In this verse we see Jesus pouring the water into the basin and washing.  Read Ephesians 5:26. What does Paul tells us that we must be washed in as Christian? 









John 13:6-8 Why do you think Peter did not want Jesus to wash His feet?





Jesus replied to Peter that if Peter did not allow Jesus to wash His feet that "he would have no part of me."  What keeps you from allowing Jesus to "wash" those areas in your life that you struggle with on a daily basis?







John 13:9-11 What was Peter's response to Jesus?






Jesus told Peter that only his feet needed washing.  As a Christian, we are made right with God.  As we walk through our life on earth, we get dusty, stinky feet.  Jesus wants to wash them for us.  Please make a list of the things that your feet have picked up as you have lived your life that you need Jesus to wash away.





















If the Lord has opened your heart, please bow your head and ask Him to do a work in your life. Certainly, if Jesus is willing to have a servant's heart, we should also. Each day we should be working for the Lord by being His hands and feet on earth.  Please explain how this model that Jesus has shown us will help you be a better servant to those we minister to each day.

























Please pray and ask the Lord to help you develop a servant's heart so you can further the Gospel and His kingdom on earth.














By: John R. Wallace, Jr.  Adapted from Jon Courson's Application Commentary

For the 2006 Calvary's Impact Mission Program