Why Parents Should Refer New Students

to Calvary Christian School



            Each morning as I greet parents and students coming to school, I am often asked, "What can I do to help the school?" Usually my mind goes to one of the many special projects or programs I can visualize that parent using his or her special gifts in a way that allows a contribution to be made to the school community.  As I have prepared projections for next school year in the area of "enrollment", I have concluded that my answer should have a second part: "Tell your friends about CCS!" This may seem obvious, but there are three reasons why every parent at the school should become active in helping the school's administration increase enrollment.


Other Families Need What We Offer


            As parents experience what a Christian education is about at Calvary Christian School, it is the faculty's goal that the Lord can be seen in all areas of educating a student.  This includes not only "Bible and Chapel" times, but the academic, social, and emotional aspects of the student's education.  It is this approach that should lead to a Christian or Christ-centered worldview being established in our students. 


            Many Christian parents are looking for exactly this type education.  Usually, these parents have a strong faith in God and understand the profound impact that faith in Christ leads one to view the world far differently than what is a norm within our society.  Christian parents need a partner like Calvary Christian School to help them in educating their children in a way that leads to a Christian worldview.


            Not all families come to Calvary Christian with a Christian worldview in mind for their children.  This is OK.  This is the evangelism aspect of the school.  Many times parents who are young themselves with very young children need the encouragement and direction that an experienced teacher can offer.  For these families, Calvary can be a place of comfort and support as we work to train and educate their children together. Personal growth for everyone involved is a common result.


            It seems that there are more single parents today that ever before.  In the difficult day-to-day life these parents live, Calvary can represent a huge support system.  As the relationship between the parent and faculty grows, it is our hope that a true Christ-centered relationship of love can be built that helps a single parent know that they are not alone.  Encouragement of a single parent can make a huge difference in the life of the children in that family.


            Yes, students need the outstanding academic education that is offered at Calvary Christian School, but they need so much more.  It is our hope that we can support and help parents to raise children who know, love, and serve God while building spiritual bridges that help move the entire family toward a deep and abiding relationship with the Lord.


            When parents of students currently enrolled at CCS refer a family to the school they are pointing them to something that is needed. 



Parents Have Input In the School Culture


            Calvary Christian School promotes its programs in many ways:  advertising, the website, direct mail, and word of mouth.  The referral of a parent is always the strongest because it represents the referring parent's vote of confidence in the school.  However, it represents something more.  The parent being sent to the school represents someone for whom the referring parent thinks the school is a good fit.  This filtering process impacts the school culture in a tremendous way as like minded individuals come together to rally around the vision and mission of the school.  As more like-minded parents "plug-in" to what the school is about, the school becomes a stronger community. This strength leads to a stronger, more enriched program.


            At some level, a referring parent also screens the children who are potential students at CCS.  This helps because the referring parent wants their own children to have great classmates.  This screening helps in the area of discipline and order within the school community.  While we accept students who need some help in following standards, it is obvious that the more unity there is within our student body in observing school standards of conduct, the healthier the school will be over time. 


            As more parents refer families to Calvary Christian School, the impact on the school culture will be magnified. 



More Resources are Available to Accomplish God's Calling at CCS


            There are two types of resources that increase as enrollment increases- money and talents.


            The economics of a Christian school are similar to any business.  Dollars must come in and expenses must be paid.  The main difference is that as a not-for-profit ministry, excess dollars are not paid in dividends to shareholders; rather, all excess dollars are put back into the programs offered by the school.


            A technical discussion of school finances would include concepts such as marginal, fixed, and variable cost.  The final conclusion of any discussion would be that once the expenses related to administrating, maintaining, and staffing a classroom of students have been covered, the tuition income that comes from every additional student is then available for improvement of the school. 


            For example, if 16 students in a classroom represent the number of students needed to meet all expenses related to the total operation of that class, then when an additional student is added to that class, those tuition dollars are available to improve the program of the school as a whole.  This is an immediate benefit to the students who attend the school and the entire school community. 


            At the present time, Calvary Christian School can add about 45 students without significantly impacting operating expenses.  This represents $200,000 of additional funding for the school.  Imagine what could be done to improve school operations with an additional $20,000 per month available.  The school actually can hold a total of 85 additional students.  This represents about $35,000 in additional monthly revenue that would be available for use in the school.


            Each additional student means additional parents.  These parents bring skills, talents, and special gifts that can be put to use within the school community. As the school grows, many parents are finding special roles that allow them to have a ministry within the school.  This process leads to a stronger school community and a healthier school.





            It is my hope that this brief article will lead each reader to consider his or her role in helping Calvary Christian School fill up every classroom.  Every empty seat represents a missed opportunity for ministry.  I believe that good stewardship demands that we, as a school community, work hard to make our quality program available to as many students as our facilities allow.  Thank you in advance for helping reach this goal!



By John R. Wallace, Jr., Senior Administrator, Calvary Christian School, February,2006