The Purpose of The Calvary's Impact Mission Program is:


  • To proclaim the Gospel for Jesus Christ.
  • To help and equip the local missionaries and pastors in their ministry.
  • To place each team member in a situation that helps their relationship with God to grow which causes them to live each day with passion for the Lord.
  • To develop a servant's heart world view within each team member so that every day is viewed as a mission for the Lord.



History of Calvary's Impact


            The Calvary's Impact Program was originally developed in 1998 as a part of the ministry to the students of Calvary Christian School.  Since that time, the program has sent hundreds of middle and high school students on mission trips to minister for the Lord. Past mission teams have traveled to Canada, Bahamas, Mexico, New York City, and St. Croix. 


            Each trip involves a combination of ministry programs and work projects.  The specific blend is different for each trip based on the needs of the people that are being visited.  Ministry tools for programs include back-yard Bible schools, puppets, clowns, dance, drama, singing and arts and crafts. Work programs include painting, concrete work, roof repair, large building and construction projects, plumbing and repairing broken fixtures. By reaching out to help meet physical needs, we leave a lasting benefit to those we serve while building a bridge for ministry at a personal level.


Team Preparation


            Each team gathers for ten meetings in the months prior to leaving for the mission destination. These meetings are used for team building activities, Bible study, ministry tool preparation, presentations on the ministry destination, and equipping the team for the practical needs of the trip.  Information about the specific ministries that will be completed at the destination is provided through the host church or organization.  This information allows the team to prepare in more detail to meet the very specific needs of the people that will be visited. This increases the team's overall effectiveness in ministry.


The Results


            The word works in different ways on every trip. Many times decisions are made for Christ.  Many time, rededication of lives to the Lord take place.  The teams often are involved in discipleship and encouragement of local pastors and missionaries, as well as other believers. Many times that Lord uses teams to meet basic fundamental needs such as providing milk for migrant workers' children, repairing roofs of children's' homes so that the children remain dry, and providing exams eye glasses for those who can not afford them. 


            The trip not only is a blessing to those that are visited.  The more that is given by a team, the more the Lord blesses the team with tremendous spiritual growth.  This is so important to the middle and high school students, as well as the adults who are part of a Calvary's Impact Mission Team.  These trips shape team members' lives and their purpose for living. 



Team Support


            While each team member participates in fund raisers as part of raising the cost for the mission trip, the bulk of the cost is provided by mission partners that pray and provide financial donations on behalf of the team member.  Those who are asked to support the mission project receive pictures and information about the trip after the team returns.  In this way, supporters are encouraged by seeing the Lord at work in the lives of both the mission team and those the team serves.



 By John R. Wallace, Jr., Senior Administrator, Calvary Christian School, February, 2006