World Geography (203)

Mrs. Flores                                                                    

Materials needed:

- Binder
- Five dividers for binder (Notes/Handouts, Assignments, Tests/Quizzes, Projects, Paper)
- Pens (blue or black AND red)
- Colored pencils
- Highlighters
- White-out (tape or liquid)

Course description:
This year, we will aspire to look at the world in new ways.  Students will not only gain a working knowledge of the major features of the earth but will also gain an understanding of the vastness of the world’s cultures and how different and similar they really are. By the end of the year, students will have gained a better global perspective as well as a better understanding of the world around them.

Grading policy:

            Tests                                                    30%
            Projects                                               30%
            Quizzes                                               20%
            Homework                                          10%
            Participation                                        10%

-          Pop quizzes: I will not give pop quizzes unless I have noticed students not doing or completely their homework assignments. 

-          Late work: I will deduct ten percent a day for each day an assignment is late if the assignment is daily homework. Also, I will not remind students to bring in their homework as it is their responsibility to turn in their work. 

-          Participation: Part of the student’s participation points will come from each day’s note summary.  The other portion will come from the student’s participation in daily discussions, individual work assignments, and group work.