1.     To teach the Bible as God's inspired Word and as completely true.


2.     To win students to a saving knowledge of Christ as Savior and Lord.


3.     To develop a respect for God's authority and the authority of parents in students' lives.


4.     To develop a desire to know what the Bible teaches and to develop a spirit of obedience.


5.     To help each student to establish the habit of daily devotions.


6.     To assist students in beginning to integrate Biblical truth into each academic area and eventually into each area of their lives, so that they become sensitive to God’s will for their lives and develop a willingness to follow it.





1.     To enable each student to see himself as a unique, very special creation of the Lord, with gifts and abilities which He desires to be developed and used to the fullest for His glory.


2.     To help students understand that God is at work in the lives of believers, to conform them to the image of His Son, and to develop Christ-like character.


3.     To develop the concept that we are one in the Spirit with other believers and to instill the desire to maintain that oneness.


4.     To teach that our responsibility is to love others in word and deed because "God first loved us," understanding that our lives are a witness to those around us.


5.     To develop proper attitudes toward siblings and parents, and commitment to eventually establish God-centered homes.


6.     To develop good habits of politeness and courtesy toward others.


7.     To teach the responsibilities of living in a democratic society, contributing to others with a servant-spirit, and being good stewards of all that God has given us.


8.     To encourage physical fitness, good health habits, and wise use of our bodies as temples of God.





1.     To tailor instruction realistically to the academic level on which each student is functioning and to help the student progress as far as his God-given abilities will carry him.


2.     To provide an environment conducive to learning and excellence.


3.     To give particular attention to language arts skills so that students can read and communicate well.


4.     To teach an appreciation of God's world for the wonder and care of His natural creation and a deep interest in and love for the people and different cultures of the world.


5.     To teach critical thinking skills so that students can evaluate, discern, problem solve, and make wise Biblical judgments.


6.     To develop creative abilities and love of the fine arts.


7.     To develop disciplined study habits and a desire to continue learning all through life.


8.     To help students appreciate God's Word as their most basic "life textbook."




                These three sets of goals and objectives establish the ideal toward which we will work, allowing God to mold the students, faculty, and parents into His image.