Calvary Christian School uses the Abeka Curriculum as its basic outline of study at all grade levels.  This curriculum has been developed, refined, and used in Christian schools for the last forty years.  Because of its long history, the Abeka material has set the standard for excellence in the area of Christian education.  We supplement this program with other teaching aids when we see that an individual or class needs additional work in a certain area.  We also supplement the Abeka curriculum with the Association of Christian School's International and Bob Jones curriculum in some areas.    Colorful workbooks and textbooks bring learning alive to the students that attend Calvary Christian School. If you have specific questions regarding the material used for instruction, please be sure to bring it up at your initial interview for admission.


                Our curriculum provides for a traditional classroom setting.  Table and chairs are used in the kindergartens, and one-piece desks or tables and chairs are used in the elementary grades, middle and high school.


                Our three and a half, four, and five year old kindergarten reading program is phonics-based.  By learning the sound that each letter makes, students are able to have a strong basis for reading by the end of their four-year old kindergarten year.  Basic counting, number recognition, and math skills are also taught to the three and a half and four year old students.  The five-year old program reinforces the material taught in the four's program, and then extends it in both the phonics and numbers areas.  A detailed breakdown of the areas covered in our kindergarten program is included on the following pages.  It is our goal to have each student reading by the time he or she leaves the four or five year old program.


                Our elementary curriculum (1st-6th) is very aggressive in the areas of math and language skills.  We feel that these two areas are extremely important for our students' future academic success, as well as success after leaving school.  Drill and detailed study are required in each subject area.  The science and history books are oriented to the Word of God - something missing from secular text books.


                Our middle school (7th-8th) program is designed to provide our teachers with flexible class scheduling, and to teach students the skills needed to be successful high school and college students.  At this level, it is especially important for the faculty and parents to help develop a very positive Spiritual environment on campus. It is from the foundation that strong social and academics will flow. We use the A-Beka Curriculum for most major subject areas.  These years of school serve to prepare the students as excellent readers with refined study skills and strong communicators in the area of writing. We also seek to develop strong over-all math conceptualization understanding which is accompanied by exceptional computational and problem solving skills. Students in 8th grade may be recommended for high school level math, Algebra 1, as well as earn high school course credit. Our Domestic or International Mission and Cultural Studies Courses (DMCS or IMCS) are available for 8th grade students who participate in the Calvary’s Impact Mission Program and who meet the additional requirements of the course which are established at the beginning of the trip preparation.


                The Calvary Christian School High School represents a very special place for preparation for the student’s life after high school. The curriculum is a college preparatory program of study. The courses offered and required for graduation are based on the Prince William County guidelines for graduation plus up to five additional credits. Please see the “High School Graduation Requirements” section of this book for exact details. The curriculum used at the high school level includes Abeka, Bob Jones, Apologia, and outside text material.  The level of expectation in high school is far greater than in middle school. Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their engagement in the learning process with diligent study and class preparation. While academic study is important to post-high school success, a direct focus on spiritual and social growth is equally important. This means that these areas will be equally addressed as part of the high school process and program.


                An individual high school program of study will be developed with the parents and student upon admission to Calvary Christian School.  The program will outline the classes that must be completed each year prior to graduation.  It will also plan the extra “resume builders” that college admission officers are seeking in order to provide admission. These may include volunteer work, scouting, missions work such as the school’s Calvary’s Impact International and Domestic Missions Programs, internships, summer camp work, employment, sports, church work, and college summer attendance.


Calvary Christian School is pleased to work with Northern Virginia Community College in order to provide joint high school/college credit to our juniors and seniors when classes are taken at the NOVA.  For juniors and seniors who pass the Northern Virginia Community College admission screening and who area approved by the Calvary Christian School’s administration,  Calvary Christian School will pay $300 per course for up to two courses in the junior year and three courses the senior year of high school.  This program is intended to meet the needs of the most outstanding students at Calvary Christian School. Using this program will help transition our high school students from a high school environment to a college environment.  While the program is optional, students who use the full program will graduate from Calvary Christian School with their first full semester of college completed.  Parents are responsible for all book fees and tuition above the amount that is reimbursed for college courses. Transportation will be coordinated on a case by case basis.    


                Art, Music, P.E. and Computer will be taught as “Life Skills” courses on a quarterly basis to all students K4, K5, and 1st-12th grade.



                A detailed listing of objectives for your student's grade level (K4, K5, 1st-12th grades), by subject, is included in the following pages.  It is our belief that the Abeka course of study, properly supplemented, places our students in an ideal position to excel after leaving Calvary Christian School. Please note that the listing below is the back-bone of study.  Each teacher adds substantial amounts of additional material to supplement to education of the students in their class. We suggest that each family review the complete course of study that is listed on the school’s website. The following is a brief summary of each grade levels educational outline.


















Scope and Sequence of Abeka Curriculum


K4T    Three and a Half-Year-Old Kindergarten

Language Arts

Phonics and Reading and Manuscript Writing

· Recognition each letters shape and sound.   Be able to write each letter.


· Counting and number recognition from 1-30                     · Number concepts 1-15           

· Numbers before and after 1-20                                            · Number Sequencing


· Hymns/choruses                                                                       · Lessons such as Genesis, Life of Christ,
· Memory verses                                                                         Salvation Series
· Bible doctrine                                                                           



K4    Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

Language Arts

Phonics and Reading                                                                   Manuscript Writing

· Recognition of name, sound, and picture of                        · Formation of letters and sentences
blends, words, long and short vowels &                                 
· Writing of first name

· Sounding of blends and one- and two-vowel words
· Reading of sentences and stories with one-

and two-vowel words


· Number recognition and counting 1-100                             · Numbers largest and smallest 1-20
· Number concepts 1-20                                                            · Numbers before and after 1-20
· Addition facts: 1+1, 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+5, 1+6, 1+7, 1+8, 1+9


· Hymns/choruses                                                                       · Lessons such as Genesis, Life of Christ,
· Memory verses                                                                         Salvation Series
· Bible doctrine                                                                           












K5    Five-Year-Old Kindergarten

Language Arts                                                     
Phonics and Reading                                                                   Manuscript Writing

· Recognition of name, sound, and picture of                        · Letters, blends, words,
long and short vowels & consonants                                        and sentences

· Sounding of blends and one- and two-vowel                      · First and last name

words, and consonant blend words                                         Language

· Beginning phonics rules and spellings                                  · Recognition of sentences by capital
· Reading sentences and stories with one-                             letters and periods

and two-vowel words, consonant blends, and                      

special sounds words from nine books


Plants                                                                                             Health and Human Biology

· God's Plan for Seeds                                                                · God's Plan for Me

Animals                                                                                          Earth and Space

· God's Plan for Animals                                                             · God's Plan for Weather

· God's Plan for the Seashore                                                   · God's Plan for Seasons


· Number recognition, counting & writing 1-100                  · Counting and writing by fives to 100

· Number concepts 1-100                                                         · Counting and writing by twos to 100
· Numbers before and after 1-100                                          · Using number words 1-10
· Numbers largest to smallest 1-100                                        · Value of penny and dime
· Counting and writing by tens to 100                                     · Telling time
· Addition facts through 10

· Hymns/choruses                                                                       · Bible doctrine

· Memory verses                                                                         · Lessons such as Salvation Series, Genesis, Life  

                                                                                                           of Christ       
















1st    First Grade

Language Arts                                                                                
Phonics and Reading                                                                      Language

· Review of vowels, consonants, blends,                                      · Capitalization of first word in a sentence, days  
one-and two-vowel words, consonant blends                               of the week, and months of the year

· Recognition and use of all phonics rules in                                · Recognition of complete sentences
· Correct punctuation at the ends of             sentences

· Spelling rules:  doubling consonants, dropping                          Manuscript Writing

silent e, changing y to i                                                                  · Review of letter formation three spaces high
· Words using suffixes, prefixes,                                                   · Beginning of cursive writing
syllables, and contractions                                                             Spelling
· Same meaning words, compound words,                                  · Weekly phonics-based word list
rhyming words, opposite words                                                    
· Weekly test with phonics

· Daily seat-work practice in all academic areas                          · Reinforcement activities
· Oral reading                                                                                        


History and Geography

· This Is My America                                                                      · My America Grows

· My America's Flag                                                                       · My America Talks

· My America's Freedoms                                                             · My America Travels

· Symbols of My America                                                              · My America Is Beautiful

· Great People of America                                                             · My America Sings


Plants                                                                                              Health and Human Biology

· Discovering Plants                                                                       · Discovering Myself

Animals                                                                                           Energy

· Discovering Animals                                                                    · Discovering My Toys

· Discovering Insects


Health, Safety, Manners
Health                                                                                             Safety

· Eating good foods                                                                        · At home and away from home

· Exercising                                                                                     · On streets, playgrounds, water

· Rest                                                                                              Manners

· Posture                                                                                         · At home, school, church, public

· Care of body, clothes, home


· Number recognition, counting, and writing 1-350                     · Place value in ones, tens, and hundreds
· Numbers largest and smallest 1-250                                         · Simple fractions
· Counting and writing by tens to 200,                                          · Using a thermometer
fives to 200, twos to 150, and threes to 99                                  
· Addition facts through 13 and three-digit addition
· Number sequences by one, two, tens                                         with carrying
· Numbers before and after by ones, twos, tens 1-250                · Subtraction facts through 10 and two-digit subtraction
· Value and handling of penny, dime, nickel,                                · Story problems in addition and subtraction

quarter, and half dollar                                                                  · Multiplication facts by twos, fives, and tens
· Multiple combinations with four numbers in                             · Telling time
addition and subtraction                                                               
· Simple measures


· Hymns/choruses                                                                          · Bible doctrine

· Memory verses                                                                            · Lessons such as Salvation Series, Genesis, Life of     Christ, Paul


2nd    Second Grade

Language Arts
Phonics and Reading                                                                      Language

· Review of vowels, consonants, blends, one-and                        · Capitalization of first word in a sentence
two-vowel words, consonant blends                                             days of the week, months of the year, and  
· Recognition and use of all phonics rules in reading                   holidays

and writing                                                                                     · Correct punctuation at the ends of
· Spelling rules:  doubling consonants, dropping                          sentences

silent e, changing y to i                                                                  · Complete sentences, questions, and         
· Words using suffixes, prefixes, syllables and                             exclamations

accents, abbreviations, compound words,                                     · Word usage rules

rhyming words, opposite words, same meaning
words, singular and plural words, singular possessive
words, and contractions

· Oral reading                                                                                                                                                        

Cursive Writing                                                                              

· Cursive writing in lower and upper case in three                       · Writing of complete sentences, questions                
spaces                                                                                             exclamations, and short stories

· Introduction to one-line high cursive writing                              · Daily seat work practice in all academic   
· Creative writing                                                                           areas                              


· Weekly phonics-based word list

· Vocabulary words and definitions second semester

· Reinforcement activities                                                                                                       


History and Geography
· America, Our Home                                                                    · The People Who Built America

· Our Flag                                                                                       · The Separatists

· Our Patriotic Holidays                                                                 · America's Indians

· Our Songs                                                                                    · The Colonists

· America's Pioneers                                                                      · America's Cowboys

· The New Americans                                                                    · Tomorrow's America


Plants                                                                                              Matter

· Enjoy the Plant World                                                                  · Enjoying the Air Around Us

Animals                                                                                           Energy

· Enjoy the Animal World                                                              · Enjoying Things That Move

Health and Human Biology                                                            Conservation

· Enjoying Myself and Others                                                        · Enjoying Things That Work Together


Health, Safety, Manners
Health                                                             Safety                                                             Manners

· Posture                                                         · At home and away                                      · Politeness
· Nutrition                                                      · from home                                                   · Thoughtfulness

· Exercise                                                        · On streets                                                    · Kindness              

· Rest                                                              · Around water                                               · Thankfulness       
· Cheerfulness
· Patience

                                                                                                                                                · Respect
· Table and Telephone       




· Number recognition, counting, and writing 1-500                     · Roman numerals 1-20

· Numbers largest and smallest 1-300                                         · Simple graphs

· Counting an writing by tens to 300, twos to 300,                · Addition facts through 18, column threes           
to 102, fours to 100, & fives to 300                                          addition, four-digit addition with carrying,
· Number before and after by one, twos, threes,                  addition terminology
fours, fives, and tens                                                                 
· Value and handling of money                              

· Subtraction facts through 17, four-digit  subtraction          · Telling time
with borrowing, subtraction terminology                                
· Multiplication facts by twos, three, fives,
· Simple measures                                                                     tens

· Place value to thousands                                                       · Division facts by twos, fives, tens

· Simple fractions                                                                       · Story problems in addition and
· Using a thermometer                                                              subtraction

· Multiple combinations with five numbers in
addition and subtraction                                                                                                   


· Hymns/choruses                                                                      · Lessons such as Salvation Series, Life

· Memory verses                                                                         of Moses, Joshua, Tabernacle,

· Bible doctrine                                                                            Judges, Ruth, Jonah



3rd    Third Grade


Language Arts
Reading                                                                                        Language

· Review of all phonics rules                                                    Writing Process

· Oral reading                                                                              · Complete sentences

· Reading comprehension                                                        · Punctuation and capitalization rules

Cursive Writing                                                                           · Creative writing, friendly letters

· Review of cursive writing formation one space high        Grammar

· Introduction to 3/4 space writing                                            · Recognition of simple nouns, subject,                
· Creative writing                                                                         verbs, adjectives

Spelling                                                                                         · Word usage

· Weekly phonics-based word list with vocabulary              · Forming plurals and common contractions

· Sentence dictation using spelling words                             · Recognition of antonyms, homonyms,               
· Reinforcement activities                                                         synonyms

· Dictionary skills


History and Geography
· Continents and oceans of the world                                     · Thomas Jefferson

· Study of world geography                                                      · Daniel Boone

· States of the United States                                                     · Noah Webster

· Study of our American heritage through the lives             · John Greenleaf Whittier

of great people                                                                            · Robert E. Lee

· Columbus                                                                                  · Abraham Lincoln

· John Smith                                                                                · Clara Barton

· Miles Standish                                                                          · Louisa May Alcott

· Squanto                                                                                      · Booker T. Washington

· William Penn                                                                             · George Washington Carver

· Ben Franklin                                                                              · Laura Ingalls Wilder

· George Washington                                                                 · Billy Sunday





Plants                                                                                            Earth and Space

· Exploring the Plant World                                                       · Exploring the Ocean

Animals                                                                                         · Exploring the Weather

· Exploring the World of Vertebrates                                       Conservation

· Exploring the World of Invertebrates                                    · Exploring the Desert, the Ocean, the Pond,

Health and Human Biology                                                      the Forest, the Farmer's Field

· Wonderfully Made


Health, Safety, Manners
Health                                                            Safety                                                            Manners

· Posture, Exercise                                     · Fire, Water safety                                     · Hospitality

· Nutrition, Diet                                            · Home, Play safety                                    · Proper introductions

· Cleanliness                                               · Street safety                                              · Telephone manners

· Fighting disease                                       · First Aid                                                      · Courtesy and respect


· Recognition of the place value of numbers                        ·Solving story problems with up to four steps

· Addition facts and checking addition problems                 · Recognizing and solving simple equations

with carrying                                                                                 · Converting measures and solving

· Subtraction facts and checking subtraction                        measurement equations

problems with borrowing                                                           · Recognizing and working with greater than
· Multiplication tables 0-12 and multiplication                      (>) and less than (<)

problems with carrying                                                               · Counting money and solving money

· How to show a multiplication fact six ways                         problems      
using the decimal point correctly                                            
· Division tables 2-12 and working and checking
Arithmetic Cont.
· Solving problems containing parentheses                         a division problem
· Fraction terminology and basic                                             · Terminology for four processes                           
understanding of fractions                                                       
· English and metric measures               
· Averaging numbers                                                                 · Telling time                               
· Reading a thermometer                                                          · Roman numerals 1-1,000
· Recognizing geometric shapes


· Hymns/choruses                                                                      · Bible doctrine

· Memory verses                                                                         · Lessons such as Salvation Series,                                         Parables, Samuel, David, Elijah, Elisha,  Daniel 



4th  Fourth Grade


Language Arts
Reading                                                                                        Language

· Oral reading                                                                              Writing Process

· Reading comprehension                                                        · Sentence structure, Kinds of sentences

· Speed reading                                                                          · Punctuation; Capitalization facts

· Vocabulary building                                                                 · Abbreviations, Possessive words

Penmanship                                                                                · Letters - business, friendly, post cards,

· Review of cursive writing formation through skill              thank you notes

practice, word games, spelling words,                                    · Gathering information

original composition, & sentence dictation                            · Writing with detail

Spelling                                                                                         · Writing encyclopedia and book reports

· Weekly word lists based on phonics rules,                         · Creative writing

challenging words, and vocabulary                                         · Dictionary skills

· Reinforcement activities                                                        


                                                                                                        · Recognizing and using all eight parts of  speech             

                                                                                                        · Diagraming verbs, nouns, pronouns,                                   adjectives, adverbs                                                                                                       


History and Geography
· Map study                                                                                  · French and Indian War

· State history for six weeks                                                      · American War for Independence
· Eight documents memorized                                                · Building a New Nation

· Our Nation Grows                                                                     · Years of Conquest
· Civil War                                                                                     · The First Americans
· New Frontiers                                                                            · The English Come to America
· An Age of Progress                                                                  · New England Colonies
· Beyond Our Boundaries                                                         · Middle and Southern Colonies
· World Wars                                                                                · A Picture of Colonial Life       
· Today's Effort, Tomorrow's Challenges                               · Great Awakening



· Plants:  Provision for Man and Beast                                   Energy:  Sound and Hearing

Animals                                                                                         Earth and Space

· Insects:  Miniature Marvels of Creation                                · Geology:  Planet Earth

· Birds:  Winged Wonders                                                         · Oceanography:  The Ocean World

Matter                                                                                            · Astronomy:  Consider the Heavens

· Let's Find Out

· Matter:  Water, Air, and Weather


Physical Fitness                                                                         Personal Hygiene

· Your Body's Framework                                                          · A Winning Smile

· Muscle Builder                                                                          · Your Body's Cover

· Your Breathing Machine                                                         · Keys to Good Grooming

· Interpersonal Relationships                                                   · A Healthier You


· Place value of whole numbers and decimals                    · Addition, subtraction, and multiplication

· Mastery of fundamental operations                                     involving fractions

· Story problems                                                                         · Factoring

· Estimating answers                                                                 · Divisibility rules

· English and metric measures                                                · Introduction to decimals         

· Converting measures within the same system and          · Making change

solving measurement equations                                             · Reading a thermometer

· Roman numerals                                                                     · Equation solving

· Graphs and scale drawing                                                     · Basic geometric shapes

· Perimeter and area



(See Textbook Series)










5th    Fifth Grade



Reading                                                                 Language

· Oral reading                                                                              Writing Process

· Reading comprehension                                                        · Sentences and Sentence parts

· Speed reading                                                                          · Punctuation, capitalization, and quotation facts

· Vocabulary building                                                                 · Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms

Penmanship                                                                                · Dictionary, Thesaurus skills

· Review of cursive writing formation through                      · Letters - business, friendly, post cards, thank you

skill practice, word exercise, original                                       notes

composition, and sentence dictation                                       · Making an outline

Spelling                                                                                         · Writing a library research paper and book reports

· Weekly word lists on various categories                              · Creative writing

and vocabulary study                                                                 Grammar

                                                                                                        · Recognizing and diagramming all eight parts of               speech

                                                                                                        · Recognizing and diagramming complements  
· Word usage


History and Geography
· Eight documents memorized                                                · Greece:  Home of Beauty

· Geography facts memorized:  terms, rivers,                       · Rome:  Ruler of the Ancient World

capitals, mountains, climate, deserts                                      · Christianity:  The Greatest Force in History

· Fertile Crescent:  Cradle of Civilization                               · Nations of Europe

· Egypt:  The Gift of the Nile                                                      · England and the British Isles

· Kingdoms and Empires                                                          · Asia:  The Largest Continent

· Middle East:  Ancient and Modern                                        · Africa:  Continent of Natural Wonders

· Continent of Europe                                                                · Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica


Animals                                                                                         Matter

· Amazing Mammals                                                                 · Water, Air, Weather

· A Variety of Vertebrates                                                          Earth and Space

Energy                                                                                           · Geology: Treasures of the Earth

· Force and motion                                                                     · Oceanography:  The Living Sea

· Electricity and magnetism                                                      · Astronomy: The Nine Planets, Star, Moon, Sun

· Engines: steam, internal combustion, jet propulsion,       · Conservation: Preserving the Sea

rocket engines

· Light


Circulatory System                                                                    Digestive System

· Life in the Blood                                                                       · Digestion Begins in the Mouth

· Your Hardy Heart                                                                      · Through the Esophagus, Stomach, Small

· Pathways through Your Body                                                 Intestine, Liver, Pancreas

Nutrition                                                                                        · Absorbing Digested foods

· A Balanced Diet                                                                        Interpersonal Relationships

· Daily Food Guide                                                                     · Social Acceptance

· Maintaining Your Proper Weight                                           · Mental Awareness

· Raising Your Rate of Metabolism                                          · Spiritual Warfare

· Physical Fitness


· Place value of whole numbers and decimals                    · Divisibility rules

· Mastery of fundamental operations                                     · Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and

· Story problems                                                                         division involving decimals

· Roman numerals                                                                     · Reading a thermometer

· Rounding off                                                                             · Converting from a Celsius scale to a Fahrenheit

· English and metric measures                                                scale and from a Fahrenheit scale to a Celsius scale

· Converting measures within the same system and          · Equation solving

solving measurement equations involving fractions           · Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
· Graphs and scale drawings                                                   · Basic geometric shapes

· Factoring                                                                                    · Perimeter and area


· Hymns/choruses                                                                      · Lessons such as Salvation Series, Life of

· Memory verses                                                                         Moses, Tabernacle, Joshua, Judges


6th    Sixth Grade

Language Arts
Reading                                                                                        Language

· Oral reading                                                                              Writing Process

· Reading comprehension                                                        · Writing, comparison/contrasts, poetry,

· Speed reading                                                                          outlines, library research paper,

· Vocabulary building                                                                 narration, and journal

Penmanship                                                                                · Sentences and Sentence parts

· Review of cursive writing formation                                     · Fragments, Run-ons

· Practice penmanship through creative writing                   · Punctuation and capitalization rules

and word exercises                                                                     · Dictionary, Thesaurus and Library skills

Spelling                                                                                         · Student Writers' Handbook

· Weekly word lists by prefixes, suffixes, and                       Grammar

root words                                                                                     · Recognizing, diagramming and using all

· Vocabulary study from the word lists                                   eight parts of speech


History and Geography
· Advanced map studies                                                           · Middle America:  Land of Discoveries

· Geography facts memorized                                                 · South America:  Continent of Natural Resources

· Eight documents memorized                                                · United States History:  The Colonial Heritage,

· Exploring the New World:  Land, Wildlife, and                   · New World's First Republic, U.S. in the
· Early People                                                                              Twentieth Century

· Canada


· Invertebrates                                                                             · Space Science

· Plants                                                                                          · Materials and Matter

· Earth Science                                                                            · Physical Science


· Safety and First Aid                                                                  · Anatomy

· Growth and Fitness                                                                  · Endocrine System

· Disease and Your Defenses                                                  · Circulatory System

· Your Body and Drugs                                                              · Respiratory System

· Muscular System                                                                      · Skeletal System

· Lymphatic System                                                                   · Nervous System

· Skin


· Place value of whole numbers and decimals                    · Percent

· Maintaining skills in fundamental operations                     · Graphs and scale drawing

· Story problems                                                                         · Basic geometric shapes

· Roman numerals                                                                     · Perimeter, area, and circumference

· Rounding off                                                                             · Bisecting angles

· English and metric measures                                                · Reading thermometers

· Converting measures within the same system and          · Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit

solving measurement equations                                             to Celsius

· Adding, subtracting, and multiplying measures                 · Equation solving

· Prime factoring                                                                         · Latitude, longitude, and time zones

· Fundamental operations involving fractions and              · Banking, find interest, and installment buying

decimals                                                                                       · Reading electric and gas meters

· Ratios and proportion


· Hymns/choruses                                                                      · Lessons such as Salvation Seris, Parables,

· Memory verses                                                                         Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Ezra/Nehemiah,

                                                                                                        Esther, Life of Christ                                            7th    Seventh Grade

Language Arts
Grammar                                                                Research paper

· Capitalization rules                                                                  · Writing style

· Punctuation rules                                                                     · Letter writing

· Kinds of sentences and diagramming                                 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry

· Eight parts of speech and their uses                                    · Vocabulary lessons

· Diagramming eight parts of speech                                     · Weekly spelling lessons

· Grammar court during second semester                            · Eight poems memorized

· Sentence structure                                                                   Literature

Composition                                                                                · Reading for enjoyment stories and poems by such

· Outlining                                                                                     authors as Frost, Dickinson, Kipling,

· Summaries                                                                                Bunyan, Alcott, Luther, Dickens, Defore

· Book Reports


History and Geography
· The Beginning                                                                          · Voltaire's France and Wesley's England:  A Tale

· From Sumer to Canaan                                                          of Two Countries

· Down to Egypt                                                                           · The New World of Industry and Technology

· Israel and Its Land                                                                    · England's Age of Progress

· According to His Will                                                                · Unbelief and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century

· Greece:  A Drama in Two Acts                                               Europe

· Rome before Christ                                                                 · War and Revolution:  The Twentieth Century

· Rome after Christ  and Early Church History                      Toward the End

· The Dark Age:  Religion and politics in an Age                  · World Geography

of Works                                                                                        · Parliamentary procedure

· The Protestant Reformation and the Modern Age             · Current events


· Invitation to Science                                                                 · Knowing the Weather

· Plants:  Provision for Life                                                        · The Science of Classification

· Your Wonderful Body                                                              · Through the Microscope

· Introduction to Physical Science                                           · Science and Creation

· The Amazing Atmosphere                                                     · Insects and Other Arthropods


· The New You:  Social and Mental Health                            · Drug Abuse:  It's Deadly

· Personal Appearance:  An Expression                                · Spiritual Fitness: It’s Your Choice

of the Real You


Sex Education from the Bible
· Morality                                                                                       · Dating and Marriage

· Sins such as adultery, fornication, & homosexuality


· Maintaining skills in fundamental operations                     · Basic geometric concepts

(from grades 4th - 6th)                                                               · Development and use of formulas

· Fractions and decimals                                                           · Reading and constructing graphs

· Ratio and proportions                                                              · Negative numbers

· Application of percent                                                             · Powers and roots

· Personal finances                                                                    · Time zones, latitude, and longitude

· Metric system                                                                            · Introduction to plane and solid geometry


· Hymns                                                                                        · Study Series:  Exodus, Life of Christ

· Memory verses


8th    Eighth Grade

Language Arts
Grammar                                                                Descriptions

Capitalization rules                                                                     The library and research paper

Punctuation rules                                                                        Outline

Kinds of sentences and diagramming                                    Improving writing style

Eight parts of speech and their uses                                       Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry

Diagramming eight parts of speech                                        Vocabulary lessons

Grammar court during second semester                               Weekly spelling lessons

Sentence structure                                                                      Eleven poems memorized

Composition                                                                                Literature                                                    

Manuscript form                                                                          Reading for enjoyment stories and poems by such

Summaries                                                                                   authors as Stuart, Whittier, Longfellow,

Book reports                                                                                 Rawlings, Burns, Browning, Hawthorne,

Paragraphs                                                                                   and Sandburg


A New World to Explore                                                             Pioneer Families Move West

England, Jamestown, and the Pilgrim Fathers                     Statehood for California and Texas

New Colonies                                                                              A Time of Testing

Life in the English Colonies                                                      The Age of American Initiative and Enterprise

Preparation for Independence                                                 Heroes of the Faith

Home of the Brave                                                                      Growing into Greatness

Land of the Free                                                                          Our Country, Our Families, Our Promise,

Elbowroom!  From the Appalachians to                                 Our Faith

the Rockies                                                                                   Depression and War

A Time for Statesmen                                                                Time for Freedom and Responsibility

The Blessings of Technology                                                   What It All Means

The Second Great Awakening                                                  Current events

Education and Culture                                                               State history for three weeks

To All The World


Consider the Heavens                                                               Physics of Heat

Through the Telescope                                                              Birds:  Efficiency in Motion

Science versus Evolution                                                          Magnets and Magnetism

Matter in Motion                                                                           Electrons and Electricity


Physical Fitness:  The Active Life                                             Safety First:  Then Basic Aid

Good Nutrition:  Eating for Energy                                           Spiritual Growth:  A Personal Challenge

Disease:  Today's Battle Against It                                           Sex Education from the Bible (see seventh grade)


Maintaining skills in fundamental operations                        Earning income

(from grades 4th - 7th)                                                               Banking

Principles of mathematics                                                         Preparing income tax return forms

English and metric measures                                                   Stocks and bonds

Introduction to algebra                                                               Insurance

Signed numbers                                                                          Introduction to geometry

Powers and roots                                                                        Properties of geometric figures

Like and unlike terms                                                                 Constructing geometric figures

Multiplying and dividing monomials                                       Perimeter, area, surface area, and volume

Word problems solved algebraically                                       Pythagorean rule

Reading and constructing graphs                                            Sine, cosine, and tangent

Statistics and probability                                                            Scientific notation

Introduction to business math


Hymns and Memory verses                                                      Study Series:  Journeys of Paul, Joshua, Judges