Three factors are considered when staffing positions at the school. They are, in priority order: the prospective teacher's walk with the Lord, education, and experience. When interviewing, we rate the teachers in each of these areas and base our selections accordingly. It is obvious that we would like teachers to be strong in each of these areas. We only place individuals with a degree in our K5 - 12th grade classrooms as lead teachers. For K4T and  K4 teachers, we seek individuals with a degree or substantial and relevant experience. Our Teacher Assistants vary in education, but all have at least a high school diploma. 


                You can be assured that we strive to find teachers and staff members that look at their involvement with the school as more than a job. We believe that this is why we have been successful thus far as a school. Calvary Christian School is a ministry whose mission field is the students and families that have made this school their partner in education.