1. Parents should review all information provided on the school’s website and within this student handbook.
  2. The parent should complete the Initial Interest Form that is linked to the website. If internet access is limited or not available, then the parent should contact the school.
  3. An admission interview should be scheduled. Report cards and standardized test score should be brought by the parent to this meeting along with a list of specific questions.
  4. A testing session may be scheduled if deemed appropriate by the administration.
  5. Parents should pray about the decision to proceed with enrollment and count the financial cost of providing this education for their child.
  6. The school will send an email to the family informing the family of the admission decision.
  7. The parent will then respond within five days by forwarding the appropriate book and registration fee to the school. The parent will also complete the online admission application.
  8. Normal school communication will bring the family into the CCS community by providing opportunities and information.  The school will mail a detailed package of forms and information on July 1 and at the beginning of August.




                The full enrollment package will be mailed the beginning of August each year. All forms enclosed must be completed. These include:


                                · Admission Application (online)

                                · Statement of Faith (online)

                                · Complete Health History (online)

                                · Emergency Forms (online)

                                · Financial Agreement

                                · Milk Program Request

                                · Car Pool Release Form

                                · Helping Hands Booklet

                                · Church Information

                                · Virginia School Physical Sheet

                                · Birth Certificate

                                · School Pledge Card

                                · Student Standard of Conduct Pledge (6th through 12th grades only)

                                · Authorization to Transport