Geometry Course Syllabus

Mr. John R. Wallace, Jr., Senior Administrator


The purpose of the Geometry Curriculum is to increase student awareness of the importance of mathematics in describing nature, supporting a technological society, in problem solving and decision making.  The students will become more confident of their ability to work with mathematical concepts and relationships. They will learn how to think systematically and the use of precise logic required for mathematical problem solving. This course builds on the student's understanding of basic mathematics in the study of algebraic skills and problem solving. Students will learn to express real-world problems and complete a logical or of understanding in order to find solutions. Successful completion of the course is an indispensable step in preparation for advanced algebra, trigonometry, and advanced mathematics.  The student will also learn to recognize the orderliness of God in His creation.


This course consists of 14 chapters in which the students will be exposed to the above concepts in various ways. We will discuss the concepts in detail during class discussions. Drill of concepts using paper and pencil as well as board work will reinforce learned concepts. I will lead the students step-by-step through various thinking and problem solving strategies required to solve many kinds of problems. Students will be given ample opportunity to practice solving problems through in-class assignments as well as through homework assignments.


Each student will be evaluated on the basis of performance in each of the following areas (Percentages are approximate and may vary):







Class Participation


 Class Rules


For Calvary Christian High School Students, the following rules should not need to outlined, however doing so will serve as a reminder.

The student will come with a teachable spirit

The student will come with items needed for class.

The student will sit in his/her assigned seat.

The student is allowed to have bottled water as long as it does not become a distraction. 

No talking when the teacher is giving instruction.

No writing or passing notes.

No negative statements about other students or faculty/staff members are allowed in any form.

No defacing textbooks or school property.

No sleeping or pretending to sleep in class.

No writing on yourself.

No food is allowed in the classroom. This includes gum!


The following items are contraband. They are not allowed in the classroom at any time.

                                    Books not required for the course of study

Boom boxes

                                    Cell phones

                                    Electronic games



                                    Personal student notes

                                    Playing cards


A Final Personal Note- You will be spending about 165 hours of your life in this class.  It is my hope that you will get the most out of the class by engaging me as we work to increase our skills in the area of Geometry! Let's make this a great class by having an effort that honors the Lord!


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Geometry   2018-2019