Welcome to Calvary Christian School!

The start to a new school year is an exciting adventure as we watch and see the Lord’s plan unfold for each of us!  For those of you who are new to CCS, my name is Mrs. Wallace, aka Mrs. Wally.  I am married to Mr. Wallace, and we have two grown sons.  Both of our sons are married, so we are blessed to have two daughters by marriage.  God has also blessed us with four grandsons, Noah who is 16, Justice who is 7, C.J. who is almost 4 and baby Landon who is 21 months.

                   Throughout my teaching career, I’ve been blessed to teach in Christian schools!  I’ve been teaching for thirty years; mostly at the lower elementary level.  Recently, the Lord has allowed me the privilege and desire to teach second through fourth grades.  This year it is my great privilege to teach a fifth and sixth grade combination class. I know that the Lord has great plans for each child this year!  The Lord had prepared my heart this summer to teach this class as I’ve prayed and spent time in God’s Word! I have many exciting activities planned for our class! We will study God’s Word and learn to apply it to our lives   I believe that because God is excellent, we are to be excellent also! I expect that God will use His Word to fine tune each of us this year; using both the subjects we love and our least favorite subjects to make us into the unique gift He intends for us to be!

Since we are to be excellent, I will need your help as parents to ensure that your child has a successful year.  Please help your child by being sure that they are prepared for school.  Your child will have homework each evening and will also have some long term projects to work on throughout the year.  Please help your child by being sure that they are at school on time.  Class will begin promptly at 8:30, but your child should be at school by 8:20 to allow them to settle in for the school day.   Please allow your child to bring a water bottle to school.  Your child will responsible for turning in homework at the beginning of each day.  I will be grading your child’s work with the following percentages:

 Tests              40%                       Quizzes              30%    

 Projects          20%                        Participation     10%

We are a team, parents!  If you have any concerns or questions, or you just want to chat, you may text me outside class hours at 571-344-5972. You may contact me through the school office at 703-441-6868.  I can also be reached via email at him1st5474@aol.com. I will respond as soon as I have a break in my day.  Our class will work hard and we will play hard.

It is my greatest joy to serve your family this year!  Be encouraged that the good work that God has started in your child’s life. He is able to complete it!


Gayla Wallace