I am so thankful to welcome you and your family to Calvary Christian School.  I look forward to being your child’s K-4 teacher.  This is my sixteenth year at Calvary.  My husband and I watched our own daughter, Jenny, begin K-4 and then graduate from Calvary in 2008.  She has since graduated from Liberty University and has married her high school sweetheart, MatthewJ  I pray, you too, will be blessed as you watch your child grow, learn, and mature in the Lord through your years here at Calvary Christian School.


Classroom Notes

JPlease remember to send your child with a fruit snack each morning.  Please do not send in sugary snacks, applesauce or anything in a container with juice.

JPlease send in an extra set of clothes (play clothes) in a large zip loc bag – labeled with your child’s name. (VERY IMPORTANT)

JFOLDERS – Please review your child’s folder daily.  Please initial each day’s remarks.  This is a great way to communicate daily information.

JNAP -  beach towel, small pillow, and a small stuffed animal MUST all fit in the small top or bottom cubbie your child is assigned.  (Sorry and Thanks)

JI always want to be ready to start each morning on time so we may learn and enjoy each activity planned for the day.  Our classroom will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m.  Thank you in advance for your help in allowing us to use our time wisely.

JClassroom information may be found on Calvary’s web site at: www.calvary-christianschool.com

JOur classroom is always in need of the following donations:  treasure box trinkets and scrap paper for drawing.


I am very excited about the year ahead and what God has plannedJ