Calvary Christian School

Mrs. Lee’s K4 Class  

Welcome to Calvary Christian School.  I hope each family has had an enjoyable summer and is now ready for school to begin – I AM!  This is my twentieth year with Calvary Christian.  Our family became a part of Calvary when our daughter, Jenny, entered K4. She is now 26J   C.C.S. is home to me. It is a wonderful place to learn, grow, and to continue in our relationship with our Lord and Savior! 

Classroom Notes 

·         Please remember to send your child with a fruit snack each morning.  Please do not send in any sugary snacks.  Each snack should be ready to eat – peeled, cut and ready to be consumed. 

·         Please send in an extra set of clothes (play clothes) in a large zip loc bag. Please label the bag with your child’s name.  (VERY IMPORTANT) 

·         I always want to be ready to start each morning on time, so we may learn and enjoy each activity planned for the day.  Our classroom will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m.  Thank you in advance for your help in allowing us to use our time wisely 

·         Folders – please review your child’s folder daily.  Please initial each day’s remarks.  This is a great way to communicate daily information. 

·         Nap – Full day students may bring in a small beach towel and a small stuffed animal to sleep with during naptime.  These items must be small as storage is limited. (Sorry and Thanks) 

·         Our classroom is always in need of the following donations:  treasure box trinkets and scrap paper for drawing.