Pray for Calvary Christian School, its teachers, students, and leadership each day. We serve a God who cares about His ministry - Calvary Christian School.


                Volunteer your time and talents. Sign up on the “helping hands” board at “Back-to-School” Saturday.


                Be faithful in your financial obligations to Calvary Christian School.


                We ask that every family consider an amount to donate to the GAP program to aid our supplementary budget. Even systematic, modest gifts help the school offer better programs and better teaching tools. The GAP program is a direct way parents, relatives and businesses can “plug in” to help the school.


                Participate in the Calvary Christian School fund raisers each year.


                Participate in the Calvary Christian School book fairs twice per year. Proceeds go to our school library.


                Collect Giant receipts, Box Tops for Education, Campbells labels and Safeway’s Tools for Education for redemption by Calvary Christian School. These result in free equipment and cash for the school.


                Tell a Christian friend about Calvary Christian School. Your testimony about Calvary Christian School is more powerful than any advertisement that we run.


                Help us with public relations. Parents and students are the most important part of our public relations program. They are encouraged to inform Christian people about the school’s ministry. Members of the school staff are available to speak about Christian education to groups either in homes, churches or other gatherings. PTF meetings also afford good opportunities to invite interested people to gain a clearer picture of the school. Promotional material is available for parents to give Christian friends. Contact the school office for help in this area.


                Plug into our Parent/Teacher Fellowship Meetings.




                Get involved!