The Admission Process

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Full Enrollment Package

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Because we seek to provide an excellent Christian education in an environment that honors the Lord, a student's readmission to Calvary Christian School will be contingent on four factors:

1) Good Behavior - Repeated office visits may eliminate a student from being readmitted;

2) Academic Progress - If a student is unable or unwilling to make visible academic progress, this may be cause for elimination of readmission;

3) Financial Responsibility - If the parents or guardian are repeatedly unfaithful in finances with the school, it will result in no readmission; and finally;

4) Parental Support - We seek to work on a team basis with parents, so it is important that the school elevate home. It is also important that the parents/home uplift the school/teacher in the eyes of their students. In the event that this sensitive balance is compromised, a student may not be readmitted to Calvary Christian School.

The final decision on readmission rests with the administration of Calvary Christian School.


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